Write and edit text for books, magazines and newspapers
Give presentations about publishing, writing and the arts
Write and edit copy for brochures, flyers and direct mail


Create, update and edit website copy
Write social media content
Create, write and manage blog content


Conceptualize and implement creative, integrated marketing programs
Place promotional stories online and in print
Write and edit customized business proposals, business plans and varied communications
Write speeches


Fiction, non-fiction and communications consulting
Workshops, seminars and one-on-one


Help author edit short stories or books
Write memoir
Ghostwrite story
Evaluate your writing and target agents and publishers for publication


Writing Teacher Endorsements

Dear Amy,

Thank you so much for your outstanding presentation on Saturday on how to “Unleash Your Creativity Through Writing.” Your talk was so inspirational, yet filled with loads of practical advice, as well. Everyone was taking notes and focused throughout. No wonder your classes are so popular at The Writer’s Center in Bethesda. We are delighted that you were willing to bring your expertise to our curriculum at Howard County Library System. I’ve cut/pasted customer comments about what they enjoyed most about your talk. You received 100% glowing comments!

All best,

Lisa Bankman, Events/Seminar Manager, Howard County Library System (LIBRARY OF THE YEAR: 2013) Columbia, MD

  • She covered so many topics in such a short time — this was a terrific session!
  • Amy’s expertise was a great asset. Her style of lecture was easy to follow.
  • Great presenter, good advice.
  • Content. A lot was fit into a short timeframe.

“I attended a seminar called Write Winning Stories for Magazines, Newspapers and the Web by Amy Abrams. She was great at keeping students interested throughout the entire day and gave me key insights into the world of freelance writing. I simply wanted to improve my writing skills and ended up with an in-class writing assignment that I can publish. I wouldn’t have missed it for the world.”
Sif Mogensen

“I recently took a full-day class at the Writer’s Center in Bethesda, Maryland from Amy Abrams entitled, Writing Winning Articles. She had prepared a full agenda but managed to expertly field the many questions from the students and still get through all her talking points. She provided us with many good suggestions and sprinkled the day with her wonderful sense of humor. In addition, she gave the students great feedback on their writing. The day flew by and I learned so much.”
Desiree Magney

“Hi, Amy! I wanted to let you know that I finished…I finished my first draft of my novel : )

I am so thrilled and so grateful. Thank you for your help and advice in the classes I’ve taken with you. It was in my first class with you where you had us write a prompt that I first became hooked on the power of just telling the story…of seeing the characters pop into life on the page in front of me. It was huge for me.”

Thank you, Eugenia Sozzi

“Saturday’s class was the perfect follow-up to last month’s “Writing Winning Articles” class. You gave us a tremendous amount of useful information.”
Lynn Stapleton

“Thanks so much for imparting your behind-the-scenes knowledge. I can’t think of a better way to have spent my Saturday. Enjoyed the class immensely!”
Marci Karth Better